Name: Flaming Rank
Price: 40.00 USD

Access To The Following Commands And Items!

 Access To Flaming Title

./fly ./repair

./feed ./disposal

./hat /kittycannon

./nick /ptime

./pweather /workbench

./echest /afk

./back ./extinquish

./near ./rcvault 1

2x Ultra Keys

Access To Set 10 homes

Access to server If full

Access to Flaming kit (once per 24 hours)

2x sets Diamond armor (prot 4, unbreaking3,mending)

1x Diamond sword (sharpness 5, unbreaking3, fire aspect2, mending, looting3)

1x Diamond pickaxe (efficiency 5 unbreaking 3)

1x Diamond axe (efficiency 5, unbreaking 3, sharpness 5)

1x Diamond shovel (efficiency 5 unbreaking 3)

1x Bow (punch 2, Power 5)

64 arrows

16 regular golden apples 32 steak 10

64 Bottle o' Enchanting